About Us

Hi, guitarists everywhere,

EDG guitars is being born in front of your very eyes. More than forty years experience in making guitars from scratch or tweaking existing ones by some people with solid engineering backgrounds just for the love of the instrument and the music, are materializing into EDG Guitars, created with the purpose of becoming an actor in the arena of the many companies that offer you, the player, the best our brains can come up with to make your playing and musical experience a more enjoyable one.

The innovations incorporated into our "Bluesette" and "Rougette" twin sister models have been developed and fine tuned by our team during a full year of intense dedication to bring into fruition some ideas that had been percolating in our minds for many years.

We worked double hard this last few months to make of EDG Guitars a reality before the end of this year. Our goal has been to maintain full solid body functionality in a very compact package, looking for the sweet spot in the combination of esthetics, playability, portability and affordability.

The road has not been without bumps, so we ask for your patience while we complete the setup of this website, and hope you will value the oportunity to incorporate into your guitar collection one of our "babies", which we are sure will fill up your music making hours with lots and lots of ...FUN !

Thanks for visiting this website,

Ed Gonzalez,