Our Products

Hi boys, we are "Bluesette" and "Rougette". Let us introduce ourselves.

First, we are different just in that Bluesette has an Alder body, while Rougette's is in Basswood.

We have petite, curvy and solid bodies, and we have all the functions and charms of the most popular guitar in the history of the electric instruments, to which we have added a few:

- Totally re-engineered tuning system. More compact and accurate than pegs, all but eliminates the bulk of the peghead, making us more portable and modular, since the tuner block can be removed with just two screws. Our tuners have a locking system to prevent our strings to unwind from the capstan when they are loose.

- A system to loosen our strings without removing them, by allowing our neck to be removed with the strings under tension. The screws that attach our necks are machine screws, they do not thread into the wood, but into steel thread inserts.

- A system to jacket our strings while they are loose, preventing entanglements and damage.

- Our headless neck being removable, it can be reattached to the body from the back in a direction opposite to normal (see picture), or "bent backwards". This reduces significantly the bulk and fits straight in our gig bag. The gig bag has an extensible neck, allowing us to fit in it when fully assembled in a normal fashion.

- When we are disassembled it is possible to fit our parts inside a "CASEAMP" (see picture), which is optional and meets the carry-on requirements of airlines. Accessories, paperwork and even a laptop can also fit inside. The amp section has multieffects and 15 watts of power through an 8" speaker. It is quite loud, due to the high Db response of the speaker. It can run on batteries or AC power.

- An optional "FoldForward" mechanism that allows our neck to fold forward and fit the gig bag folded, without being detached from our body. This mechanism is not compatible with the "CASEAMP", so it offered as an option and it has to be installed at the shop before shipping.

We are sorry for not being able to provide detailed pictures of some of these additional charms of ours. They will be posted in this website as soon as the patent process will allow.

If you have any questions about us, just call the guys and girls at our lucky number, 1-877-EDG 0607.

So long boys, hope we'll see you soon,

Scale length: 25"
Frets: 22 plus Zero fret (on production units).
Nut width: 1 5/16"
Total length assembled: 31.5"
Max Body width: 12.25"
Body length: 14"
Total length disassembled: 20"
Weight: Rougette 7 lbs; Bluesette 8 lbs (actual weight varies slightly because of individual variability of wood density)

The pick guard and controls are the same size as on a standard Strat with 3 single coil, regular full size pickups, 1 Volume, 2 Tone controls and 5 position pickup selector switch.